Source code for json_tricks.comment

from re import findall

def strip_comment_line_with_symbol(line, start):
	parts = line.split(start)
	counts = [len(findall(r'(?:^|[^"\\]|(?:\\\\|\\")+)(")(?!")', part)) for part in parts]
	total = 0
	for nr, count in enumerate(counts):
		total += count
		if total % 2 == 0:
			return start.join(parts[:nr+1]).rstrip()
		return line.rstrip()

[docs]def strip_comments(string, comment_symbols=frozenset(('#', '//'))): """ :param string: A string containing json with comments started by comment_symbols. :param comment_symbols: Iterable of symbols that start a line comment (default # or //). :return: The string with the comments removed. """ lines = string.splitlines() for k in range(len(lines)): for symbol in comment_symbols: lines[k] = strip_comment_line_with_symbol(lines[k], start=symbol) return '\n'.join(lines)